Charity Bazaar/Spring Fantasy Festival

Everyone has been very busy at school getting ready for the Spring Fantasy Festival on Saturday 20th May.





Mrs Vukelic and I look forward to seeing you at the Bazaar tomorrow.





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As we move into Spring, Year 1 children have been very excited to start learning about growing. We have looked closely at what plants need to grow and we are now using that knowledge to grow our own plants from kidney beans. It has been very exciting to observe the growth each day! They are learning about simple responsibilities as they look after their own seeds and plants. They know the names of flower parts.





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This term in our topic we have been learning about castles.



The children had fun making their dream castles using junk materials. They used old cereal boxes, kitchen roll tubes etc.



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Happy Mother’s Day!!

As Mother’s day is just around the corner Year 1J decided to make Mother’s day cards and flowers. Here is advance mother’s day wishes to all the super mums. Have a fabulous mother’s day!








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Flower Hunt

As part of our Science topic about plants, we hunted for different flowers in the park. The children spotted lots of different flowers like Daisy, Rose, Ivy, Dandelion etc.


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Our trip to the Aquarium

We had a very interesting trip to the Aquarium. We saw different types of fish and crustaceans and lizards, spiders, turtles, rats, guinea pigs and we were allowed to touch a snake skin and an old skin of a tarantula. Our guide gave us lots of information about the animals we saw. It was a lovely trip for everyone and close enough for us to walk there!


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Creatures of the deep!

We have been learning about the sea and have been preparing for our trip to the Aquarium by looking at different sea creatures and producing some beautiful drawings and paintings of them.

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Happy Easter!

Dear Parents,

Mrs. Vukelic and I take this opportunity to wish you a wonderful Easter break and we look forward to seeing you again on Tuesday 18th April.





Best Regards,

Miss Jerath & Mrs. Vukelic

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Its Finally Easter!

This week as we are near the Easter break, we talked about the Easter Story and made Easter cards.






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Easter Egg Hunt!

Today we had an Easter egg hunt. Year 1V won the egg hunt and Benjamin found the golden egg.



A big ‘THANK YOU’ to the Year 6 students who organised the Easter egg hunt!




Congratulation Year 1V!



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